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About the VAM Realities Project

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities (VR/AR/MR) play an increasingly important role in many areas of life and the economy, especially in the manufacturing industry. With the speed of technical developments and the mass of information, products and services available, however, it is difficult to keep track of things. How can you find out quickly and reliably which VAM solutions are the most useful and target-oriented for your needs?

In the VAM Realities project, higher education institutions, companies, and business representatives from all over Europe join forces to provide answers to these questions. The project’s online platform will offer unique networking opportunities, Europe’s largest network of VR/AR/MR experts and a comprehensive showcase of related EU projects.

During its 36 months’ lifetime, the VAM Realities project will  achieve the following products and results:

European Survey with 300 SMEs to find out how much they know about the potential of VR/AR/MR and how they are already benefitting from these technologies.

The survey report is now complete and available for download.

Click here to watch the video

European Survey with SMEs

State of the Art Report that provides an overview of the most important and efficient VR/AR/MR technologies currently available to companies and what kind of hardware and software is successfully used in the various industries.

The state of the art report is now complete and available for download.

VR/AR/MR Technology Report

Online Skills Gap Detector that allows companies/SMEs to find out how well prepared they are - or not - for the increasing importance of VR/AR/MR in their industries.

SME Skills Gap Detector

Online Training Gap Detector that allows higher education institutions to find out how well – or not - they have already incorporated VR/AR/MR into their curricula in order to best prepare students for these developments in the professional world.

Training Gap Detector

University business cooperation and coaching model providing hands-on support and in-depth assistance to companies/SMEs introducing and integrating VR/AR/MR technology into their business operations.

University Business Cooperation

European competition for start-ups and other companies to develop innovative VR/AR/MR solutions for SMEs’ needs identified during the project. The call for tenders was launched in October 2020.


Student category: Saleh Alsaleh (Estonia) with his Data Driven XR-Replay System

Company category: Delta Cygni Labs (Finland) and their Pointr application

VAM Realities Challenge

Expert Panel and European network with more than 100 contacts in all EU countries, who can help you with VR/AR/MR issues or advise you on the selection and use of these technologies.

Registration is available now!

European Network and Expert Panel

Community of EU projects in the VR/AR/MR fields. Provides an insight into the diverse applications of this technology in society and business and offers projects a platform for presentation, exchange and mutual learning.

Registration is available now!

Community of EU projects


VAM Realities Challenge Winners

Fond out more about our VAM Realities Challenge Winners here.

Delta Cygni Labs from Finland – Pointr application

Saleh Alsaleh, Tallinn University of Technology – Data Driven XR-Replay System

VAM Realities Contact

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