Full project title
Extended Reality For DisasteR management And Media plAnning
Project acronym
Stefanos Vrochidis
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or applicant’s residence
Contact person
Sotiris Diplaris
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Project duration
01.11.2020 - 31.10.2022
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Project description
The EU-funded xR4DRAMA project aims to create a solution that will improve the situational awareness of those user groups who are responsible for handling disasters, man-made crises or public events. The groups range from first responders, local authorities and security forces to media companies and event planners. xR4DRAMA's methodology is based on X Reality (XR) technologies, and the tool can be used remotely and on site for an augmented and shared perception of a given situation. The aim of this project is to help first responders and media companies to have all the necessary information before planning any actions.